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Industrial Coatings Can Protect Your Building

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Semper Fi Industrial Coatings can make your steel structure in Kentucky, Michigan, South Carolina or anywhere across the countrey look like new. Whether you're tackling a new construction project or need to repair your existing structure, our steel coatings are the perfect way to protect your building from the elements. We also offer rust removal and recoating services.

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Get rid of rust ASAP

In addition to being an eyesore, rust can cause damage to your building. Steel coatings can help prevent rust from forming on your building. To get rid of existing rust, Semper Fi Industrial Coatings will:

  • Contain the steel structure for treatment
  • Sandblast the steel to remove rust
  • Reapply a new coating to protect the steel

Repair your structure with brand-new steel coatings. Schedule service today by calling 517-281-1321.